07 Apr 2021

Kitui town and its environs is expected to receive reliable and stable power supply following the energization of the 132kV Mwingi - Kitui transmission line and 132/33kV Kitui substation by the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) on 7th April, 2021.

This line section is part of the greater 153km 132kV Mwingi - Kitui - Wote - Sultan Hamud transmission line. The line has four, 132/33kV substations at Kitui, Wote, Sultan Hamud, and Mwingi. So far, Mwingi, Sultan Hamud and Wote substations have been energized.

Kitui town, which is strategic to the lower eastern region, had no direct transmission line forcing the region to depend on 33kV distribution feeders from Mwingi and Kindaruma substations. With the replacement of the long 33kV lines that was susceptible to faults that resulted in power outages, Kitui and surrounding areas will now experience reduced power outages and an increased reliability of supply.

The line promises improved quality of power as it will increase the stability of the voltage with the use of power transformer voltage regulation functionality coupled with reduced lengths of the feeders.

With the existence of both the old 33kV and the just energized 132kV lines, there will be redundancy in terms of supply. This means that during the periods when the 132kV line is switched off for maintenance, the 33kV feeders will act as alternatives that will supply the areas with uninterrupted power.

This is projected to be a catalyst towards transformation of the area into an attractive location for agro-based and general industries thus going a long way into supporting both the National government, Big 4 Agenda and the County government’s development plans.

“The energization of the Mwingi - Kitui transmission line means increased electricity access and reliable supply within Kitui County and other surrounding areas. This will spur new economic development in Kitui County and ensure that existing industries run smoothly without interruption, for example the Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC),” said KETRACO MD, FCPA Fernandes Barasa, OGW.

With the full completion of the Mwingi - Kitui - Wote - Sultan Hamud transmission line, the region will be supplied with clean energy from Kindaruma hydropower plant and Garissa solar power plant through the Kindaruma – Mwingi – Garissa transmission line.

This line is part of the Kenya Power Transmission System Improvement Programme (KPTSIP), which comprises of six lines and 14 substations. The project is financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Government of Kenya (GoK) at a total cost of Kshs. 8.1 billion. Upon completion, the projects will increase electricity access within the counties and surrounding areas.