Are there chances that high voltage transmission line will pre-dispose the community to diseases like cancer?

Scientific studies have shown that radiation effect is almost at zero point beyond the required wayleave corridor that is why we urge all those Project Affected Persons to move away from wayleave corridor to ensure safety.

Would burying the line reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)?

The net effect is usually about the same. The earth blocks exposure to electric fields. Magnetic fields pass through the earth and most other materials. Because a buried line would be closer to ground level than an overhead line, magnetic field exposure from a buried line could be higher. However, conductors are placed closer together when a line is underground. This results in some cancellation of the magnetic field.

Are EMFs harmful to us, farm animals or wildlife?

There is no evidence that long-term exposure to power frequency EMFs causes harmful health effects in human beings or animals. The tower is about 30m high, so the effect is negligible. However, for safety reasons in case of accidents, residents are advised not to build under the line. Transmission line easements are commonly used for pastureland, national parks and reserves.