What do I do when I don’t have ownership documents for a parcel of land?

Process the ownership document/title document to facilitate compensation and registration of easement processes. Those unable to finalize these processes can also be assisted by the company.

What happens when there is a dispute on the ownership of land?

The compensation process is put on abeyance until the dispute is resolved.

Why do utilities have the right to acquire private property rights?


Pursuant to article 40(3)9b) of the Constitution, Public interest overrides private interest thus utilities acquire land or interest thereof to develop public infrastructure as mandated under the law.

Article 66(1) of the Constitution also vests the state with the power to regulate the use of any land or any interest in or right over any land.


What is an easement?


An easement is a right to cross or otherwise use someone’s land for a specified purpose for example, Ketraco’s mandate/purpose is to to design, construct and maintain high voltage electricity transmission lines and associated sub-stations.

Kindly, note that an easement is not a transfer of a property.


Will I be able to use my title as security for loans, once the easement rights are included in it?


Yes, you will be able to secure a loan facility since registration of easement does not interfere with the proprietorship interest/right nor is it an encumbrance.

Kindly, note that an easement is not a transfer of a property.


Who will bear the cost of legal fees during the signing of easements?

KETRACO shall bear the cost of registration of easement in its favour.

What effect does drawing an easement on my title deed have?

Effective registration of easement on the title has got no impact on the proprietorship interest,however,there is a limited use of land within the area traversed/wayleave trace pursuant to the grant of easement agreement.