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Our CSR Approach

Guided by the principles of a responsible corporate citizen, we remain committed to engagement with local communities in project affected areas, the general public, sector partners and other stakeholders aiming at cultivating amicable associations. In this regard, we ensure that all projects are implemented through a consultative process with stakeholders’ right from the initial project planning through to commissioning. We further ensure that our operations are carried out observing professional and humane practices taking into account that construction of transmission projects involves acquisition of land for substations and wayleaves access for the lines.

Further guided by our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (embed policy), we actively participate in several engagements with various stakeholders. These engagements are propelled by the belief that change in society needs to start from the foundation, and impact affect all members of a society regardless of demographics. As such, we are focused on environmental conservation, education, and health as the key elements in our Corporate Social Responsibility activities.