17 Sep 2021

Kenya Electricity Transmission Company LTD (KETRACO) has today energized the 132/33kV Isinya substation. The substation is supplied from 220kV Isinya substation via 90MVA 220/132kV Power transformer and 132kV underground cable. The substation which has three feeders and space for additional two feeders, will improve reliability and quality of power supply in Kajiado County, Namanga border town and the environs. The substation will minimize power blackouts in the region.

Currently, Kajiado County is supplied by a long 33kV distribution line from the KPLC’s 66/33/11kV EPZ substation in Kitengela; the feeder runs all the way to Namanga town and its environs including Amboseli National Park. As a result, quality of power reaching the remote end is poor due to low voltages during high demand periods and very high voltages during low demand periods. This has resulted to some customers experiencing dim lights, water pump failures and loss of electrical appliances among others. Additionally, due to long distance, the line is susceptible to faults that result to frequent and long durations of power outages in the region.

With the new 33kV feeders from the new Isinya 132/33kV substation, there will be redundancy in the 33kV distribution network in the region thus increasing reliability of electricity supply. There will also be increased power capacity of the distribution network hence upcoming commercial industries, agro-industries and food processing industries in the region will be accommodated in the network.

KETRACO Managing Director, FCPA Fernandes Barasa said, the reliable power supply will translate into economic opportunities in the region such as the setting up of slaughterhouses and processing factories. “Industries and factories will operate with minimum disruptions and Small and Medium Enterprises such as salons, welding, barber shops, cyber cafes will sprout because of the reliable power we will transmit,” said FCPA Barasa.
The residents of Kajiado County have also ventured into large scale farming through irrigation. The reliable power supply will enhance food production thus going a long way in supporting the national government, Big 4 Agenda, and the County government’s development plans.

Funded by the Exim Bank of India with Shyama Power India Ltd as the Contractor, 132/33kV Isinya substation is part of the 96km 132kV Isinya – Namanga transmission line which is currently under construction. The Isinya-Namanga project is an electricity access project that is expected to enhance access to electricity within the Country and reduce power outages.

The newly energized substation is part of the larger 400/220kV Isinya substation which is KETRACO’s second largest substation in Kenya after the 400/220kV Suswa substation. When fully operationalized, the second largest hub in connectivity and power handling capacity will act as a connection point of several key transmission projects; the 93km 400kV Isinya - Arusha line (also known as the Kenya-Tanzania interconnector), the 103km 400kV Isinya – Suswa line, the 45km 400kV Isinya – Konza line, the 482km 400kV Isinya – Rabai line (also known as the Mombasa – Nairobi line), the 96km 132kV Isinya – Namanga line, and the 44.3km 220kV Isinya - Athi River/Embakasi line. All these connections will result in over 2,000MW being handled at the substation.

Once the completed, the Isinya substation complex will play a vital role in the realization of regional power trade as well as the transmission and utilization of renewable energy through the transmission of wind, geothermal and hydropower to serve the main load centers in the Country.

For more information, contact:

Raphael Mworia
Manager Corporate Communications
0702-949951 /rmworia@ketraco.co.ke