What is the difference between KETRACO,KPLC and KenGen?

KenGen is responsible for generation of electricity, KETRACO steps up the generated electricity to 132kV,220kV and 400kV and transmits up to a step down substation where the electricity is stepped down to 66/33kV for KPLC to distribute to the final consumers.

Are you really government agents?

Yes, we are a parastatal within the Ministry of Energy and 100% Government owned.

Do you have regional offices?

Not yet, we are operating from the headquarters in Nairobi. KAWI House, Block B South C, Popo Lane, Off Red Cross Road.

How are decisions made about where to route a new transmission line?

The route of a transmission line is determined by its point of origin and termination. In determining the best option in transmission line  route, we endeavour  to avoid, minimise and mitigate against adverse socioeconomic and environmental impacts in the places traversed by the line

What conclusive evidence will I have to show that unskilled labour will be sourced from within?

Unskilled labour is not to be transported from afar. We will confirm from the chiefs’ offices the names of people employed from within.

Can other people interested from neighbouring villages be accommodated for un skilled labour?

Yes, but only if the villages affected unskilled labour force has been exhausted and there is mutual agreement with the neighbouring villages.

How will the community benefit from the project?

High voltage transmission lines are national projects that impact the whole country. The projects will benefit both the local community and country at large in ensuring access to quality electricity through national grid. There will also be jobs and business opportunities created during the construction period which will benefit the locals.

Can we also be given electricity?

The lines we are erecting are high voltage lines that must be stepped down to enable domestic usage. The transmission lines however boost distribution lines from which you will be connected

If I had planned to build a house, should I continue?

No, already we have an aerial survey of the way leave path, and most of the payments will be based on Census report done during the RAP study. Once the gazette notice which marks the cut off date is issued, no new building structures are allowed in the corridor.

When does the project start?

Immediately after the public sensitization exercise.

Will those affected be relocated?

Structures along the wayleave corridor will be assessed for compensation by KETRACO valuers based on their Replacement Cost. Project Displaced Persons (PDP’s) will be relocated whereas others with ample space will be encouraged to re-build  on the same land away from the wayleave corridor.

If one is relocated, where will the person relocate to?

If the Project Affected Person(PAP) has a big parcel, then the relocation will be within the parcel. If the parcel is rendered uneconomical due to size or topographical factors, the affected person will be compensated for alternative land and he/she will relocate to the land.

Will KETRACO pay for electricity and water costs for homesteads with these facilities?

The extra costs of relocation are catered for by adding an extra 15% to the total replacement cost of a building structures during the valuation.

Are underground transmission lines feasible as an alternative to overhead transmission lines?

Although it is common to bury electric distribution lines that serve individual customers, it is rare to bury transmission lines. The per-mile construction cost is typically 5 to 10 times more than overhead lines and lifespan is generally about half as long. Reliability is also a concern. Typically, it would take at least a week to restore power in the event of an underground cable failure. KETRACO does evaluate the feasibility of underground transmission on a case-by-case basis. In addition, we help fund research into making underground transmission a viable option.

Will PAPS be allowed to fence land to protect against animals?

Normal fencing is allowed, so long as access to way leave for maintenance is not restricted

Will the youth and widows who have their own structures be paid?

Yes, all owners of structures will be paid; youth, widows and single households heads. Structures are paid to the identified owners irrespective of whether they hold title to the land or not.

What uses are permitted and prohibited on a right of way?

Most gardens, parking lots, driveways and recreation areas are allowed, while building structures and planting trees which could exceed 12 ft. in height at maturity are prohibited purely for safety reasons.

How tall can vegetation be in a wayleave corridor?

We do not allow any vegetation that will reach a mature height of over 12 feet on the wayleave corridor. We do not wait for the vegetation to grow that tall before removing it. We remove it when it is identified.

Will KETRACO take care of cultural issues that sometimes demand a particular way of relocation especially in Western part of Kenya?

Yes, KETRACO will give considerations to specific cases, but each case will be handled on its own merit

What happens to trees cut from my farm, is it KETRACO’s property or the farm owner’s?

Trees cut from a farm  will be  the farm owner’s property and not KETRACO’s