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Friday 22 June, 2018

Kenya-Tanzania Power Interconnection Project

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Project: Kenya-Tanzania Power Interconnection Project

New developments have made the Kenya-Tanzania interconnection a critical infrastructure. These include:

  • A proposed Kenya-Ethiopia interconnection project with potential power imports from Ethiopia of up to 1,000 MW by the year 2013 and 2,000 MW by 2018;
  •  The expected development of new gas and coal fired power plants in Tanzania;
  •  The linking of the Kenya-Tanzania interconnection with future interconnections between Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern DR Congo to be built in 2014 under NELSAP.

The Kenya-Tanzania interconnection is to become a critical link in a future regional power pool, facilitating power exchange and the development and integration of electricity markets between Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.


The proposed project includes the construction and operation of a 510-km 400 kV interconnection power line. It is expected that the interconnection will start from a proposed Kenya Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd. (KETRACO) 400 kV substation at Isinya in Kenya, 50 km south of Nairobi and then follow the alignment established under the Nairobi-Arusha line study (BKS-Acres, 2002) up to Arusha, in Tanzania. From Arusha, the line will continue to Singida, where a 400 kV substation is planned by Tanzania Electric Supply Co. (TANESCO).

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