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Tuesday 22 September, 2020


Vision 2030 states that:

“….. Energy is one of the infrastructural enablers of the three “pillars” of Vision 2030……. "

The challenges facing the power sub-sector include:

  1. A weak power transmission and distribution infrastructure,
  2. High cost of power,
  3. Low per capita power consumption and low countrywide electricity access.

KETRACO will construct over 10,000 km. of high voltage transmission infrastructure comprising of lines, switch gears and sub-stations across the country over the next 5 years. This will open up geographical areas without access to the national grid, enhance capacity for evacuating power from planned generating plants and build inter-connectors to facilitate regional power trade with neighbouring countries.
These transmission lines and associated sub-stations will be financed by the exchequer, development partners, internally-generated revenue, financial institutions and public-private partnerships (PPPs). Management of resources will be guided by operational rationalization and modernization of key processes, while cost saving measures will be deployed to strengthen the Company’s financial resource base.

The transmission line projects will include:

  1. 2,650km of  132kV lines;
  2. 2,700km of 220kV lines;
  3. 2,000km 400kV lines; and
  4. 612km of 500kV HVDC lines.


KETRACO projects implementation fall into four broad categories based on their specific objectives, namely:

1.    System strengthening projects

The System Strengthening/Capacity Enhancement Projects will improve transfer capacity of electrical energy and address the challenge of low voltages, high transmission losses, unreliability of supply and network security. This category of projects includes the following:-

•    328.5km 220kV Rabai – Malindi – Garsen – Lamu line
•    475km 400/220kV Mombasa – Nairobi line
•    102km 400kV Suswa – Isinya line and Nairobi Ring associated substations
•    300km 220/400kV Olkaria –Lessos-Kisumu line
•    Mariakani 220/400kV substation
•    Eastern Electricity Highway Project (Ethiopia – Kenya Interconnector) system reinforcement – Isinya 400/220kV substation 

2.    Power evacuation projects

KETRACO is implementing several projects targeting to evacuate power from various generation plants for injection into the national grid which include generation under 5,000+MW projects. These are:-
•    *50km 132kV Sondu Miriu – Kisumu line
•    5km 132kV Sangoro – Sondu line
•    2No. 25km 220kV Olkaria – Suswa line
•    430km 400kV Loiyangalani – Suswa line
•    13km 132kV Menengai – Soilo line
•    25km 400kV Menengai – Rongai line
•    150km 400kV Silali – Rongai line
•    50km 220kV Dongo Kundu – Mariakani line
•    560km 400kV Lamu – Kitui – Nairobi East line
•    97km 400kV Isinya – Konza - Nairobi East line

*The Sondo Miriu – Kisumu line was implemented by KenGen and handed over to KETRACO

3.    Regional interconnectors

In order to facilitate regional trade, the Company has entered into several partnerships through which regional power integration in being spearheaded. Through these, the Company is implementing the following regional interconnection projects with neighbouring countries:-

•    132.5km 400kV Lessos – Tororo line (Kenya – Uganda Interconnector)
•    686km 500kV Eastern Electricity Highway Project (Ethiopia – Kenya Interconnector)
•    96km 400kV Kenya – Tanzania Interconnector

4.    Electricity access projects

The projects in this category fall under the Energy Scale - Up Programme and their main objective is to increase electricity access and address the challenges of access and low connectivity. The projects under this programme are as follows:-

•    62km 132kV Chemosit – Kisii line
•    48km 132kV Rabai Galu line
•    77km 132kV Kilimambogo – Thika – Githambo line
•    20km 132kV Thika – Gatundu (Nyaga) line
•    34km 132kV Mumias – Rangala line
•    122km 132kV Kamburu – Meru line
•    234km 132kV Kindaruma – Mwingi – Garissa line
•    33km 132kV Sotik – Bomet line
•    66km 132kV Eldoret – Kitale line
•    107km 132kV Machakos – Konza, Isinya – Namanga line
•    96km 132kV Nanyuki – Isiolo – Meru line
•    106km 132kV Sondu – Homabay Ndhiwa – Awendo lne
•    44km 132kV Kisii – Awendo line
•    65km 132kV Lessos – Kabarnet line
•    79km 132kV Nanyuki – Nyahururu (Rumuruti) line
•    68km 132kV Olkaria – Narok line
•    153km 132kV Mwingi – Kitui – Wote – Sultan Hamud line
•    33km 132kV Ishiara – Kieni line
•    90km 220kV Turkwel - Ortum line


 Kenya map of Ketraco transmission network