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Sunday 25 October, 2020


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Posted: 27 Jan, 2016

Nairobi County expects to experience reduced power outages in the near future with over 2000MW to be delivered via the national transmission grid. This will be accomplished through a 400/220kV Substation at Mariakani, whose construction contract was awarded to CAMCE China by the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited (KETRACO) on the 26th of January 2015.
This project’s completion will see more power delivered to Nairobi and its environs via the Company’s Mombasa-Nairobi Line. The Mariakani substation is an essential part of this line as it steps up the power evacuated at Rabai Power Plant, whose power rating is 1500MW. This stepping up ensures that the evacuated power can be transmitted over long distances (over 400km) thus reducing losses.
Furthermore, Mariakani substation will in the near future form part of the Dongo Kundu-Mariakani line, a 5000+ MW project that will see the evacuation of 700MW Liquified Natural Gas from Dongo Kundu plant to the national grid.
Mariakani was selected for the evacuation of power from these two power plants as it was the most optimum point in terms of distance and access to both the 400kV and 220kV transmission networks essential for national development.
During the contract signing that was held at KETRACO’s premises, Ag. MD FCPA Fernandes Barasa appreciated the work CAMCE has done in other transmission projects. “CAMCE is a modern contractor who we are happy to partner with. They did excellent work for our Rabai-Malindi-Garsen-Lamu project that evacuates power from Lamu.”
“We have very strict timelines on this particular project; 18months to deliver. Therefore, we must ensure that we move and implement it in less than the allotted time. However I am confident that they will deliver,” he added.
Funded by AfDB, the construction of the substation is projected cost of Kshs. 2.7 billion.



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