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Sunday 25 October, 2020


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Posted: 30 May, 2016

The national electricity grid will receive a meaningful boost through the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited’s (KETRACO) construction of its 132kV Meru – Isiolo project; a solution geared towards meeting the country’s power demand. This project, part of the Company’s energized Nanyuki – Isiolo – Meru electrification project, involves the construction of a 26km 132kV single circuit line from Meru substation to the new Isiolo substation with a 23MVA transformer.
Once completed it shall supply reliable power from Nanyuki, which generates hydropower from Masinga dam, to Meru and subsequently to Ishiara, Kamburu, Mang’u and Juja via the ongoing Ishiara-Kieni project, the completed Kamburu-Meru and Kilimambogo-Thika-Githambo lines.
Generally, the project will enable extending of the transmission and distribution lines as well as new and reinforced distribution lines with the aim of reducing technical losses, stabilizing voltage conditions and thereby coping with additional demand.
Further to increasing access to electricity by accelerating connection rates, this project will also upgrade the voltages so as to increase supply capacity and reduce system losses. The project will also provide alternative electricity supply paths to increase reliability and improve quality in the regions. Since the area was previously being served by 33kV from Nanyuki substation, low voltage levels were being experienced. However, after energization of the line, the difference has been.
The project is aimed at fast tracking development in Isiolo County and its environs. The Vision 2030 initiative intends to promote Isiolo County as an emerging tourist city and hence the project will supply power to the future tourist hub and enable extension of the power grid to the further north in the future.
In addition, the line will supply reliable electricity to Isiolo International Airport, currently under construction, the proposed Isiolo Resort City and its environs, and the LAPPSET Project.
The project is funded by KCB Belgium and the contractor is CG Holdings Belgium at a cost of 16 million Euros.



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