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Sunday 25 August, 2019

Draft National Energy Policy and Draft Energy Bill 2014

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Posted: 04 Mar, 2014
Draft National Energy Policy and Draft Energy Bill 2014
Draft Energy Policy

The Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (C.K.R.C) was established in 2008 culminating in the Referendum of 4th August 2010 and promulgation of the Constitution on 27th August 2010 (herein after referred to as the “Constitution”). The Constitution drastically and substantially changed the governance structure as well as enhanced participation by the citizens in the decision making processes.  This necessitated the need to relook the energy sector framework with a view to aligning it with the new constitutional dispensation.  Consequently, the old policies and laws that existed needed to be aligned with the spirit and aspirations of the Constitution.

Arising from the foregoing, all Government Ministries, Departments, Parastatals, Regulatory Agencies and Constitutional Commissions were, in early 2011, directed to undertake a comprehensive audit of all existing Sessional Papers, laws, by-laws and regulations with a view to determining compliance of such documents with the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

Pursuant to the above need, a task force was set up in the energy sector comprising of all the energy sector CEOs and their company secretaries. With the assistance of the technical officers within the energy sector, the task force has developed the following two documents which have now been uploaded to the energy sector institutions websites to enable stakeholders and the public review them in preparation for the National Validation Workshop scheduled for 14th March, 2014;

pdf  The Draft National Energy Policy, 2014

pdf   The Draft Energy Bill, 2014



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