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Wednesday 18 July, 2018

National Energy Policy

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Posted: 14 May, 2012
National Energy Policy
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On the 28th January 2011, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy, set up a Task Force made up of various stakeholders within the Energy Sector.

The mandate of the Task Force is to review the Energy Policy (Sessional Paper No. 4 of 2004), the Energy Act 2006 and related Subsidiary Legislation and to align them with the Constitution.

The National Technical Committee (NTC) of the Task Force on the Implementation of the Constitution has been reviewing the Energy Act to align it with the new constitution  and has finalized the draft  Energy Policy.

The Task Force, in compliance with the constitutional requirement and government policy of engaging stakeholders and members of the public in the policy formulation process, wishes to inform the public and stakeholders that they are obliged to exercise their constitutional right to participate in the formulation a new energy sector policy.

In view of the above, the Task Force has opened various channels to enable them submit their views. A full version of the Draft Energy Policy is available below.



Further, in order to engage with as many members of the public as possible, the Task Force has scheduled various public and stakeholder hearings throughout the Country between Tuesday 22nd May 2012 and Thursday 31st May 2012. Members of the public and stakeholders are invited to provide either written or oral submissions during the hearings whose schedule is provided below.




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