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Sunday 25 October, 2020

Environmental Policy

The objective of the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Management System is to ensure that SHE concerns are managed in a comprehensive and effective manner. The Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited (KETRACO) has prepared SHE Management System  with the specific aim of complying with Occupational Safety and Health Act(OSHA), 2007; Environmental Management & Coordination Act, 1999; Energy Regulatory Board’s Environment, Health and Safety policy Framework for the Electric Power sub-sector , 2005; its internal SHE Policy and donor requirements.

Enviromental Policy

As a responsible organization, KETRACO prides itself in being committed to environmental protection and conservation. Borrowing from the principle of sustainable development and guided by the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act (EMCA), 1999 among other local and international legal legistrations including donors conditionalities KETRACO’s ensures all its project activities undergo a process of thorough investigation to identify impacts they may have on the environment and social well being and formulate mitigation measures that are necessary to avoid, minimize or offset predicted adverse impacts. Some tools used in this process include Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Audits (EA), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Resettlement Action Plan, (RAP) and Indigenous People Plan (IPP).

Further to this, KETRACO cooperates with Environmental Agencies, Donors and the Public on programmes to protect the environment; provide the necessary training for its employees to ensure that they have the knowledge and capability to conduct operations in a manner that is consistent with sound environmental practices; and also provides the necessary resources, advice and guidance to ensure implementation and communication of this policy.

Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of KETRACO to conduct all its operations in a healthy and safe manner and in compliance with OSHA, 2007 and other relevant legislations. KETRACO recognizes that prevention of accidents and ill health is essential to the efficient operation of its business. Accordingly, the control and management of health and safety issues commands at least equal prominence, when balanced against operational and commercial considerations. KETRACOs principal safety and health objective is to provide a safe working environment, for employees, contract personnel and members of the general public who may be put at risk by the activities of the Company. KETRACO recognizes the value of its employees and considers their well being to be the major factor in the success of all its business activities.

SHE Policy Iintegration

KETRACO is committed to providing safe working environment for all its employees, and to being mindful of its impact on environment, where ever it operates. The aim of the company’s SHE policies is to enable the company to assure itself and external stakeholders, such as regulators, donors, contractors, partners and Licensing Authorities, that the Company is conscious of Safety, Health and Environment implications of its operation. It endeavors to protect its people, assets and operations against injury, damage or loss by working within the framework of this SHE Management System and integrating the policies into all its activities.

KETRACO aims to assess potential SHE impacts of planned projects and operation and to maintain high standards of awareness and training. It expects all its employees, contractors and suppliers to be aware of, and promote understanding of, SHE issues in the context of its business, and to put forward any suggestions they may have, with regards to the context, or applicability, of the SHE Management System.

The company’s SHE Management System takes into account international and national legislation requirements and demonstrates its commitment to continued improvement in SHE performance. The Company will provide the necessary training for its employee to ensure that they have the knowledge and capability to conduct operations in a manner that is consistent with the KETRACO’s SHE Management Systems. It also provides the necessary resources, advice and guidance to ensure implementation and communication of this policy, monitor and audit all aspects of its compliance and develop contingency plan for emergency situations.



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